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Beraca is a non-profit organisation that seeks to bridge among disadvantaged communities At the Beraca you can find many different ethnics groups, some of which will be of interest to you or someone you know.

We are working alongside people with a very wide range of needs to the communities across the world. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The best times for children's



Take the Time Out , for example. Here, your kids will make new friends of their own age and take part in expertly organised activities that will develop their creativity, satisfy their curiosity and keep them amused while you head for the Aqua Sana Spa or just enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Children's Activity

Community event days



Every years Beraca have a different plans to organise the party for community

Community Activity

To get your enseignement the one way is at Beraca Evangelical Church


For education outside the school that we have a way to educate all persons who have difficulties in all circumstances, we invite you to participated in our religious activities and you can get the solution in your problems...

Religious Activity


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